This is how we achieve the perfect fit, “Merged Perfection”

Our pursuit of perfection

At Snoeks Automotive we set the bar high when it comes to the connection of our interior modification concepts in the vans of our partners. Our pursuit of perfection, especially when it comes to a seamless fit, is deeply rooted in our DNA. Our slogan is not without reason, Merged Perfection. Using the most recent 3D scan technology, we make it a science to achieve the perfect fit. We do not only use this modern technology during the development phase, but we also use this tool to guarantee continuous quality during the production process.

Snoeks Automotive perfect fitting modification kits for light commercial vehicles

Creation of prototypes based on our CAD designs

A standard part of our development process is the creation of prototypes based on our CAD designs. As soon as we receive the prototypes, we make a 3D scan of the individual parts. We then compare the data from these scans with the digital designs in CAD. Thanks to this fast and accurate analysis, we can check the dimensions and immediately detect any differences in material thickness or shape deviations.



“A single fitting session is therefore often sufficient …”

“real life” fitting session

As soon as the prototype parts have been checked and approved, we organize a “real life” fitting session where the complete kit is mounted in the vehicle. Before we do this, a 3D scan of the body is made to detect possible deviations from the original CAD files. With all this data, we are 100% sure that the parts we designed will fit perfectly with each other and the body of the vehicle before we start the fitting session. A single fitting session is therefore often sufficient, which speeds up the development process enormously.



Crew Van conversions by Snoeks

“This process ensures that our partners receive products that we support…”

When the parts are in serial production, we use the 3D scan technology to ensure consistent quality. By randomly scanning parts from different batches, we can quickly and accurately measure complex shapes and check if they match with the original design. This process ensures that our partners receive products that we support and that meet the highest quality requirements.




Snoeks Automotive interior modification concepts for light commercial vehicles

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