FlexCab modification concepts for light commercial vehicles


Unique FlexCab characteristics

Maximum Flexibility

Making a choice is no longer necessary, the FlexCab is the answer. The FlexCab offers the best of both worlds. More cargo than anticipated is no longer a problem. The comfortable passenger compartment can be changed into a spacious and effective cargo area in just one operation. Converting the panel van back to a Crew Van is just as easy.


Design is our foundation.

The FlexCab is a tailor-made solution and is completely customized to the design language of the original vehicle. Both the upholstery and the color and structure of the applied materials are fully matched. As a result, all passengers will experience traveling as intended by the vehicle manufacturer.


Comfort and ergonomics are paramount

All of the passengers are traveling in style. The ergonomically designed 3-seater bench ensures a safe and comfortable journey. A well-thought-out design guarantees a simple and light operation of the bench/wall combination.



FlexCab Innovations

Light weight structure

In order to help our clients reduce their CO2 output, weight reduction is one of the main topics for our engineers. On one of our latest projects, we have used EPP (Expanded PolyPropylene) as part of the bench and seating structure. Because EPP  is a high-strength and low-weight material we now can replace parts of the iron bench frame.

Furthermore, we were able to give the new material a nice finish that matched the interior making the ABS covers void. Both the replacements in the steel structure and ABS parts resulted in a significant weight loss of the total kit.

FlexCab segments

F1 Segment – Compact Van

Citroën Jumpy Flex Cab by Snoeks

K1 Segment – Medium Van

K2 Segment – Large Van

FlexCab Target Group


Independent business owners that use their van for work and privately.


To transport a team plus their gear to a job site efficiently.


To move their tools, materials, and team safely from one job site to another.



Snoeks Automotive provides the world with innovative concepts to expand the usability of LVC’s.

Product development

Snoeks engineers are absolute specialists in the development of modification concepts for light commercial vehicles.


Our products

With our interior concepts, over 80.000 light commercial vehicles per year are being converted all over the world.