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Crew Cab modification concepts for light commercial vehicles

Snoeks Crew Cab

Unique Crew Cab characteristics

100% Matching Design

We want consumers to experience our Crew Cab modifications as if the end-result was built by the factory. Therefore our products are completely aligned with the design language of a specific light commercial vehicle and its interior.  The structure and color of materials applied, such as fabrics and plastic parts, are carefully selected to match perfectly with original OEM parts.


Perfect Fit

Snoeks Crew Cab modifications are designed for a specific car model to assure a perfect fit to the body of the commercial vehicle. With high attention to detail, our kits are designed with a focus on avoiding any gaps or unnecessary modifications to the vehicle. To do this, existing connection points are used to attach our Crew Cab kit quickly and safely. All these efforts guarantee a perfect fit and the minimal time needed to install our “Plug-and-Play” Crew Cab kits.

Snoeks Crew Cab comfort

Maximum Comfort

We have decades of experience in developing high-quality car seats and benches that maximize passenger comfort. To achieve this, we optimize the ergonomics of our benches according to the latest industry standards. We also use innovative materials with sound-absorbing characteristics to assure a relaxed ride. Depending on the required level of comfort we can add extra features like armrests, sliding seats, leather, and speakers.

Optimized Functionality

The Crew Cab is the ideal solution for efficient transport of 3 to 4 additional passengers and cargo. During the design process, we aim to assure a minimal loss in cargo space, while maintaining a comfortable seating position. This is why our partition wall has a clever design with cargo space underneath the seats that is accessible from the cargo area. This makes the transportation of long objects possible. To increase the functionality Snoeks offers several options, such as convenient storage pockets in the side panels and bench front.

Latest Safety Standards

All Snoeks Crew Cabs meet the latest safety standards for Light Commercial Vehicles (N1) and can even pass the requirements for passenger cars (M1). Our seats are equipped with approved 3-point seat belts and adjustable headrests. The latest models also have standard-fitted ISOFIX, Toptheter, and seat belt reminders. Our partition walls,  fitted with a safety glass window, offer passengers certified protection against shifting cargo during an emergency stop or even an accident.

Crew Cab Innovations

Light weight seating structure

In order to help our clients reduce their CO2 output, weight reduction is one of the main topics for our engineers. On one of our latest projects, we have used EPP (Expanded PolyPropylene) as part of the bench and seating structure. Because EPP  is a high-strength and low-weight material we now can replace parts of the iron bench frame.

Furthermore, we were able to give the new material a nice finish that matched the interior making the ABS covers void. Both the replacements in the steel structure and ABS parts resulted in a significant weight loss of the total kit.

Redisigned armrests

Our engineers are always searching for options to improve our Crew Cab concepts. In this case, they completely redesigned the armrest to lower the weight, increase the product quality and reduce the number of components.

By using the latest injection molding techniques and fiberglass reinforced plastics the weight has been reduced by 49%. Due to the application of this new material, the usage of supporting brackets became void and resulted in a more robust end-product.




Redesiged Armrests

Folding seats with storage options

Looking for new ways to add functionality, we came up with the folding seats. These folding seats allow you to store small items in the compartment (storage box) under the seats, making use of every bit of space that is available.

In addition to storage small items, the storage box can also be easily removed from the vehicle to move your items as easily as possible.




Small items

Snoeks Automotive Crew Cab folding seats

Sliding seats for optimal comfort

In order to further increase comfort, we have developed sliding seats. By applying a clever sliding mechanism on each individual seat, the seats can be moved forward and backward. With the seat in the forward position, the angle of the backrest becomes wider, resulting in a more relaxed seating position.

When in the backward position, the ergonomics are changed in a more upright seating position. The passengers can easily operate the sliding mechanism by pulling the handle under their seats.




Moved Forward

Crew Cab segments

F1 Segment – Compact Van

K1 Segment – Medium Van

K2/3 Segment – Large Van



Independent business owners that use their van for work and privately.

Construction companies

To transport a team plus their gear to a job site efficiently.

Landscaping & governments

For transporting their lawn care equipment and crew.

Shuttle services

For the transportation of luggage and up to 5 additional passengers.

Rental companies

To extend their fleet with a versatile vehicle for transporting people and cargo.

Installation services

To move their tools, materials, and team safely from one job site to another.

Cleaning services

A single and versatile vehicle to move their team and gear efficiently.

Emergency services

Depending on the safe transportation of their crew and gear.

Catering and promotion services

One single vehicle to transport their crew and materials to their next event.



Snoeks Automotive provides the world with innovative concepts to expand the usability of LVC’s.

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