Ford E-Transit Crew Van

The perfect solution
A Ford E-Transit that is equipped with a Crew Cab from Snoeks is the ideal solution for transporting people and cargo safely, comfortably and efficiently.

Merged Perfection
The Snoeks Crew Cab series is specifically designed for the Ford E-Transit and therefore fits seamlessly into the vehicle and matches the design of the front cab. This is what we like to call, „Merged Perfection“.

For every type of Transit
No matter what type of Ford Transit you have, we have a suitable Crew Cab in our program. In addition, we offer two different trim levels, with which you can choose the desired equipment level.


Product Brochure

More specific information about the Ford E-Transit can be found in the product brochure.


Product Movie

Wherever you go the Ford E-Transit Crew Cab offers plenty of space for transporting people and cargo.

Product Movie

Product Information

On our Marketing Portal you can download all available price lists and (HR) images of the Ford E-Transit.

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